First House

March 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

bug of the day

Image by urtica via Flickr

slowly the leafy green stem round budlike flower I thought
     to choose to build under the shade of it
     in the cup of branches
     the house safe fort
     all by myself and the kitchen door
alone on its twig in the holly shade
     to build
     I get a blanket
     I get a cup
     I get a dish and a book and away
the white budding popping here and there
     waking up after my day
     to find my house had changed itself
along in its flesh and deep wherever it was
     and I stood
     and I knelt
     and I looked
it was the cackling crisp wasp worm
     pasted with eggs
     and arched
     and reared
     and waved
     at me
and screamed and one of us screamed

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